I will listen and show up to work everyday!

Call or email me any concerns or issues

Phone 941-544-8331


I will ask citizens first!

All important decisions will have citizen input.

I will Call/Email you back!

I promise to listen and call/email you back within 24/48 hours with your answer or tell when the information will be available.

I will promise to improve.

City Services: Water, streets, street lighting. Storm sewers, code enforcement for unattended properties. Beautification projects to and from our City. As we are the Gateway to the Gulf

Keep Taxes Low/Financial Accountibility

I will make every effort with my vote to maintain city taxes at current levels or below. Any increase must have citizens input. My goal will be to recruit more business to relieve the tax burden on residential home owners. I will watch City Expenditures with my financial expert background to assure we are wisely spending our Tax Dollars and that projects are Pre-Budgeted and Implemented on or below Budget and On Time.

Promote Our City

Build Customer Delight. 

I will sell/promote our city to Corporations across the country to relocate here. We need better paying jobs. We need more afforadable housing.  We need more amenities for the citizens. We need Good Corporate Citizens to support our Community

The Three T's



Keep our leaders honest

See something; say something

Stay involved. Challenge the decision making process. Never say "I cant change it" or "it doesnt matter" Your voice makes a difference.  

Expect High Integrity


No secrets............................

All City projects will have citizen input prior to approval and open to Public debate.



Work hard everyday to promote the City of Bradenton for improved services for its citizens and polished appearance to our visitors. Show leadership. 

City beautification because Bradenton is the Gateway to the Gulf.

Be proud of your City.