Economic Development


Recruit Employers

High paying jobs are needed in our city. 

We need to recruite companies that fulfill the job needs to support our young people to retain them in our community.

Which will provide a better economy and tax base for our community.

Create Urban Footprint

Develop a model plan for housing, commercial and retail development with advanced traffic flows prior to implementation.

Review and adhere to the City Comprehensive Plan.

 All major projects will implement the Three Points.

Three Point Plan

1. Pre-Plan cost, design and time line.

2. Meet planned budget and manage project.

3. Finalize project on budget, on time and with fullfilment of all promises and needs of our citizens.

Infrustructure Plan

A. City Traffic

B. City Streets

C. City Lighting

D. City Sidewalks

E. City Storm Sewers

F. Administrative Services

G. Beautification 

Riverwalk Development

Extend the Riverwalk to other areas of the city with the endorsement of citizens.


Improve our city parks. Build more enclosed shelters for year round usage. 

Improve equipment for our children's enjoyment. Create a family envirnonment for its widespread usage.

Promote Our City

Work with  existing community organizations to promote all areas of our city. Promote Riverwalk and its entertainment events. Promote Village of the Arts and festivals. Sell our City to Corporate Leaders to improve  amenities.
Create an environment in our city that leaves people saying  "I want to go back".